Roof Blinds

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The weather can be unpredictable, but nothing should dampen our enthusiasm for the great outdoors. An old collapsible table and stackable chairs will no longer cut it – today, it’s all about permanent fixtures that look good all year round


Roof Blinds & Insect Screens


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Elegance & Reference Veranda


Elegance and Reference range offer 100% UV protection from the sun when they are closed as well as a watertight seal, sheltering from the rain. When they are partially open they offer part shade and a cooling breeze that flows through.

These stunning structures are controlled with the highest quality Somfy motors and remote controls resulting in a reliable, long lasting structure.

WB Elegance and Reference verandas  are made completely from strong aluminium with aluminium roof slats for strength, durability and weather resistance.

The adjustable roof slats make these structures the most innovative canopies on the market and feature Somfy motors along with integrated guttering systems.



The frame can be finished in a choice of 8 standard colours or it can be finished in any RAL colour at an additional cost.


The roof slats are adjusted electronically with the remote control supplied for convenience and ease.


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Our umbrellas provide weather protection from all from wind, rain and sun and are perfect for use all year round.

Each umbrella is available with a choice of a circular, square or rectangular roof to suit the outside environment it is to be situated within.

These umbrellas are fixed into the ground and are therefore permanent, you will no longer find yourselves with the aggravation of picking up the umbrellas in the slightest of winds.

47 fabric colours to choose from and two different fabrics. The aluminium framework can also be supplied in any RAL colour so can create a structure unique to your outside space/environment.

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Our product range is ideal for creating shade and shelter for large outside areas such as terraces, balconies, patios and gardens. Our awnings are also perfect for any commercial setting such as shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, ensuring customers are comfortably protected from the worst of the weather.


Our unique designs ensure we can guarantee that our products will complement any environment and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Our awnings can be easily extended or retracted by the push of a button ensuring instant shade from bright sunshine or protection from the rain.


Options include an intelligent sunlight sensor (available with both cable and radio remote control), which senses the amount of sunlight and automatically extends the awning when it reaches a certain level as well as a wind sensor which is designed to retract the awning to protect it from damage during strong winds.

Thanks to the application of the latest manufacturing techniques, we can guarantee our fabrics are waterproof. The fabric is bonded together with a modern hot glue technique using only the highest quality PUR-based reactive glue.

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Mostly wall mounted, our veranda structures are the most cost effective and popular option. These can also allow you to position them to provide uninterrupted cover.

Building a new attached veranda (open on at least two sides) would not normally require building regulations approval if it is less than 30 square metres in floor area however we would recommend speaking to your local building control officer(s) to confirm the exact requirements for your property.

Similarly, verandas under 35m do not usually require planning permission,

however this is dependent in your property's exact location. It is advisable to contact your local planning authority to check the specific planning requirements for your building.


We have 3 different options depending on your snow/wind load and how big your extension projection.


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Glass Rooms


When it comes to making the garden a part of a home, LAJ glass rooms are perfect in terms of style, design and versatility. Using unique designs, we are sure to have a system that will be perfect for your customers, that will be in-keeping with the appearance and function of their homes or businesses, to suit their budget.

Retractable glass sliding doors or fixed glass panels will offer unbroken panoramic views of the surroundings and protect those underneath from the elements, opening a home or business up to the ‘outdoor living indoor’ experience.

A glass room allows people to enjoy the outside all year round and will become the ‘heart’ of any premises. Each LAJ glass room kit is individually designed and manufactured to reflect aspirations and requirements, as well as to maximise the available space. Glass rooms also add value to properties as well as style and character no matter where they are situated within your garden.


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Aluminium Decking


Decking has been a popular product in both the domestic and commercial market for a long time however, timber does not last well and requires regular treatments, it also becomes slippery in the rain. That’s why we have developed Ali-Deck; an all aluminium, naturally rust resistant decking system that will last a great deal longer than timber or composite alternatives and is environmentally friendly too.

Other Benefits include

  • Sustainable – Our 100% aluminium decking is made from 30% recycled aluminium billets which is the best in the industry

  • 100% Recyclable – The aluminium decking is not only made from recycled aluminium, but 100% of it can be recycled over and over again

  • Long Lasting – Aluminium is a long lasting product that will not rot or rust

  • Minimal Maintenance – Aluminium decking does not require treatments, unlike timber decking which will rot if left untreated

  • Easy to Clean – Keeping your decking clean is easy, simply wash it down with warm soapy water and a lint free mop

  • Protected with QUALICOAT – We powder coat our decking with QUALICOAT which is a 5-stage powder coating finish for architectural products

  • Choice of Colour – The decking is available in a choice of two colours; Textured Grey and Textured Sand

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